SQRD is a cultivation of different people and ideas that have come together with the same goal in mind, to bring accuracy, reliability, dependability into the rapidly changing and growing cannabis space.

In order to stand by our promise to deliver Fast, Accurate results that you can depend on, we had to create one of the largest most sophisticated labs in California with a staff to match and that is exactly we did.


SQRD entered the space with the goal of being the most trusted brand in cannabis testing. We understand that trust is built on by delivering accurate results in as quick a time frame as promised.

This is how we invested in SQRD to built to deliver on that promise.

  • SQRD is one of the largest cannabis labs in california in square footage and testing capacity.
  • We’ve developed multiple redundancies in the testing process, if one machine fails it won’t stop our work flow.
  • We invested in the newest and most advanced technology available in the testing space.
  • Our Staff consists of leaders in the testing space with extensive scientific backgrounds.
  • We employ clinical scientists who understand the science behind testing beyond just reading the results from a machine.
  • Our staff is always available to answer your questions about results, the testing process or any other questions you might have.
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A team with a broad range of expertise and skills help make SQRD a leader in Cannabis Testing. Meet the staff below to see what makes us special.

Sherif Cropped
Sherif Khalil, MD, MBA
CEO, Founder

Sherif is an MD  with an MBA and over 21 years of experience in business and medicine. He has worked in every aspect of the Medical and Testing fields and is bringing his vast experience to the cannabis space.

Nicholas Abdelsayed, Esq.
Vice President

Nick brings a unique perspective to SQRD with over 15 years of lab testing experience to go along with his 5 years of experience as an attorney.

Akram Small
Akram Gorgi, MS, MDP
Head of Science

Akram is the Principal Scientist at SQRD and as a former professor in LC/MS technologies he is solidified himself as industry leader in testing. 

Jhoselin Villafuerte RS
Jhoselin Villafuerte
Head of Scientific Development

Jhoselin’s expertise in testing cannabis, pharmaceuticals and developing methodologies has helped form SQRD’s strong scientific foundation.

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